New Net Plus

What is new net plus?

New Net Plus is the fastest, most affordable and most reliable internet service provider in Kurdistan. Here's why:

We offer 5 different packages to best suit your residential or business needs. All of our packages come with 24/7 support from our technicians.


We use the best technology available, Fiber To The Home (FTTH), to provide internet to you directly with speeds of up to 100mbps.


With every package we give you free access to over 100 international TV channels as well as cheap over-the-internet voice calls (VOIP) and video on demand.


At New Net Plus we believe that our customers deserve the most affordable prices. Our packages start from only 39,000 IQD a month.

About Us

Here at New Net Plus, we care about our customers. That's why we give with you the best service possible.
"The fastest and most reliable internet in Kurdistan."

Here at New Net Plus, we believe in Kurdistan. We believe that in order to unlock Kurdistan's true potential, we need high speed, reliable internet. That's exactly what you will get when you join New Net Plus.

We use high speed fiber optic cables to give you the best online experience. There are five super fast, fibre optic packages to choose from. These are fit for both residential and business use and are sure to meet all of your online needs.

To purchase one of our amazing packages or to learn more about our services please contact us. Just click 'Contact' in the top right of your screen or call us on the numbers below.

  • Speed

    We offer up to 100Mbps download speeds.

  • Support

    All of our technicians are available 24/7. We provide 100% support.

  • Staff

    Our incredible staff put in 100% effort everyday to ensure that you have the best online experience in Kurdistan.